Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BomberMan X MegaMan

There were tons of games at the 2010 NYCC, but 2 games had me returning to their company's booths frequently: BomberMan Live BattleFest and MegaMan Universe. Both these games always had a crowd around them, which usually spells a good future for them.
I'm super excited to tell everyone that I won the BomberMan Grand Finals~!!! I won 8,000 MS pts in total~!!!! I pride myself on being a great BomberMan player, but I have to admit, the final match was intense. It literally came down to the last falling block in sudden death. I came out the winner though with some quick thinking~! This is the official facebook page for the game: http://www.facebook.com/#!/officialbomberman . They don't have all the pictures up yet I think, but check it out. The game is AWESOME. The new weapons and modes are insanely fun. BTW, that blow up black ball you see in the pic is supposed to be a bomb....

Now at the CAPCOM booth, where they were giving away Ghost and Ghouls blow up lances, they had Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 5 w/ "move" controllers, and MegaMan Universe playable, oh and MVC3 (...meh, let's get 3rd Strike on live CAPCOM, or how about making a Darkstalkers game in actual 2D too, no 2.5D stuff like your recent monstrosities).
MegaMan Universe is addicting and super fun. You can customize your MegaMan and create your own stages. You can pick characters from the CAPCOM world too, for some reason I'm not too hyped about that tho. I just want to create my own stages. You can add artwork~!!!! My stage is gonna be littered with graff. Also the new MegaMan...Men designs are bad ass. Especially the Universe MegaMan created for the game. He's all shiny and TRON looking~!!!! It's hilarious that you can also select the MegaMan 1 box art character.

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