Sunday, April 25, 2010

But still...

I went to work the other day and I had to skip breakfast, so I hopped into Starbucks real quick for a coffee to hold me down in the mean time. I had to go there because it was the only breakfast type place in the area that accepts cards, I had no cash on me.
Now, I absolutely refuse to spend my money in Starbucks
because I think they are way too over priced. The only time I actually purchase stuff from there is if my lady friend wants a lemon cake or hot chocolate (both of which are very tasty). Other than that, I would think someone to be crazy to buy an expensive coffee. Well, that morning I had to grit my teeth and buy some expensive coffee.
I ordered a "tall", named that way only to hide the fact that you're ordering a SMALL, but anyway, I ordered a "tall" and rushed to the spice counter. Poured me some sugar, cinnamon, and milk. Rushed to work. When I actually took that 1st sip, I was pleasantly surprised. The damn expensive coffee tastes damn good~! I looked at the cup in disbelief and said "" Then I said "but still".
Yes it's good, but still. I know why it costs so much, and that's another story you can look up on Google. I just hate that they're so expensive. Does it really have to be priced that high? I make it sound like it's super OMG pocket blistering expensive, it's not, but still.....

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