Thursday, February 4, 2010

Got that GOLD

i was trying to quote Last Dragon-"got that GLOW"
ok any way: you probably heard this by now but yea, Resident Evil 5 is coming out with a GOLD edition. You can either download it or buy the actual box. If I didn't already own the game I would have bought the nice looking gold box. It looks pretty damn smexy.
The gold edition, or in Japan, the Alternative edition consists of the following:

• 2 new episodes/chapters-Lost in Nightmares featuring Chris and Jill traversing Spencer's mansion, which leads to broken windows and bodies flying. Then there's Desperate Escape featuring Josh and Jill, the pair make a mad dash to...the chopper. I can't wait to play this online. People will be yelling "Get to the chopper!" like crazy.
• New costumes
• The Mercenaries Reunion-8 new playable characters, not exactly "new", but meh, I'll still be using Sheva or Jill.
The hardcopy of the game will retail at $49.99 and the DLC will come up to around $15.
DLC hits the wire Feb 17th and the retail hits stores March 4th,...I think.

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